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Dear all,

We thought about this a good while and we have to implement a change. Due to the amount of work for each order, we had to set a limit of about 50 EUR as minimum order amount. We are sorry for this change, I hope you can understand it is alot of manual work for each order for us. As a bonus we lowered the international freight cost!

We are a small home business company in Sweden making miniatures for anyone in the world who needs something for their diorama or wargame, or decor. We both make our own sculptures and have license to sell others. Hope you find something you like!

Please contact us if any questions! We accept commissions and we can also print your files on demand if you need this service.

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So far we’ve sculpted 1210 models.

Dear friends,

We all know that war is horrible in reality. To honor and support the defenders of Ukraine we now offer this figurine. All you pay for this miniature will be donated to support Ukraine, you may set your own price for it.
We were contacted by J.P. Medved that took the initiative to contact a Ukrainian artist, Nikita Klimenko. He sculpted this model of a Ukrainian special operations soldier using a NLAW. We were asked if we could join the project to offer prints – our small miniature company will gladly help out.

Help support Ukraine! 💙💛

2022-07-20: So far we’ve collected 245.60 € for Ukraine!

Ukrainian special operations soldier with NLAW
Ukrainian special operations soldiers
New! With captured AK-12

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This venture was started by our colleague Amos who sadly passed away from a massive stroke on the 13th December 2019. We lost a great friend and inspiration.

Our intention is to continue the legacy of Amos work in his memory, so these miniatures will live on and be the joy of many.

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