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Shipping Methods

Everything is made to order, we do not keep a stock. Normal production time 2-5 weeks depending on order size and if any extra options.

We use the Swedish Postal Service for shipping. Within EU normally delivered in a week from shipment date. Outside of EU normally delivered within 2 weeks, but due to Covid restrictions (less flights, less transports) sometimes it takes longer. We ship everything tracked and usually insured.

Because we use the basic postal service, when parcel enters your country you can then track using your local postal service, for example USPS for United States or Deutsche Post for Germany.

Please note for shipments outside of EU, there may be import duties and tax for you to pay, depending on the regulations of your country.

Should you like faster shipping method, we can send by UPS Express globally, then delivery time is just a few days but then at a higher cost. Price for UPS Express is based on parcel size mainly so cost is somewhere: Small parcel about 40 EUR, big about 61 EUR and the huge package about 86 EUR if you want to use UPS Express. Please contact us for a better quote, we’ll deduct shipping you already paid us if you choose Express.

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