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Ancient Egyptian attendant with torch


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In ancient Egypt, attendants were an important part of the daily life of the royal family and nobility. They were responsible for a variety of tasks, from serving food and drink to helping with grooming and dressing. Here are some interesting facts about ancient Egyptian attendants:

  • Attendants were highly respected members of society, and were often depicted in art and literature. They were seen as an essential part of the royal court, and their duties were considered vital to the smooth running of the palace.
  • One of the most important roles of attendants was to serve food and drink to the royal family and their guests. They would also help with the preparation of meals, and were responsible for ensuring that the dining room was properly set up and decorated.
  • Attendants were also responsible for the grooming and dressing of the royal family. They would help with bathing and hair care, and would assist with putting on clothing and jewelry.
  • Attendants were often chosen for their physical beauty, and were expected to be well-groomed and well-dressed themselves. They would wear fine clothing and jewelry, and would be trained in proper etiquette and behavior.
  • Attendants were sometimes given other tasks as well, such as entertaining guests or performing music and dance. They would be trained in various arts and crafts, and would be expected to be skilled in a variety of different activities.
  • Attendants were also responsible for managing the palace and its resources. They would oversee the work of other servants, and would be responsible for ensuring that everything was running smoothly.
  • Attendants were often given rewards and gifts for their service, including land and property, as well as valuable objects such as jewelry and clothing.
  • The role of attendants was not limited to the royal court. Attendants were also employed in temples and other important buildings, and were responsible for a variety of tasks related to the maintenance and upkeep of these structures.

This is a high quality miniature 3D printed by Speira Miniatures in Sweden.

You can paint it as any normal miniature, no need to wash it beforehand. It is delivered unpainted.

Usable for dioarama, wargaming or tabletop role-playing games, such as Dungeon and Dragons, Warhammer, Pathfinder and so on. Also great as decor in your home if you order the large scales. We can always transform any model into a bust if you like, please contact us.

Due to the inherit nature of 3D printing the miniatures might contain imperfections and could require additional cleanup where the support have been; use sand paper or green putty for example. Print layers will sometimes be visable.

3D resin is brittle, even if we use a mixture than makes it more flexible. However it cannot be compared with the normal plastic that is used for example Warhammer, Marx or Conte miniatures. Handle the 3D prints with care, a fall can break them. Glue info here.


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