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Ancient Egyptian tomb items

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Ancient Egyptian tombs were filled with a wide variety of items intended to aid the deceased in the afterlife. These items were carefully chosen and prepared to ensure that the deceased had everything they needed for their journey to the next world. Here are some interesting facts about ancient Egyptian tomb items:

  • The ancient Egyptians believed in an afterlife and believed that the dead would need certain items to help them on their journey. These items were usually buried with the deceased in their tombs.
  • One of the most important items buried with the deceased was the canopic jar. This jar was used to store the organs of the deceased, which were believed to be necessary in the afterlife. The four jars represented the four sons of Horus and were decorated with images of the gods.
  • Another important item buried with the deceased was the shabti. These small figurines were intended to act as servants for the deceased in the afterlife, performing any tasks that were required of them.
  • Jewelry was also a common item found in ancient Egyptian tombs. This jewelry was often made from gold and precious stones and was intended to show the wealth and status of the deceased. Jewelry could include necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings.
  • Many ancient Egyptian tombs contained funerary masks. These masks were made of gold or painted linen and were intended to protect the face of the deceased in the afterlife. The masks were often highly decorated, with intricate designs and images of the gods.
  • Food and drink were also buried with the deceased, as it was believed that the dead would need sustenance on their journey to the afterlife. The food and drink included in the tomb could be anything from bread and beer to meat and wine.
  • Artwork and other decorative items were often included in ancient Egyptian tombs. These items were intended to provide the deceased with a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing afterlife. Artwork could include paintings, sculptures, and reliefs.
  • The contents of an ancient Egyptian tomb could vary depending on the status and wealth of the deceased. The tombs of pharaohs and other high-ranking officials were often filled with a wide variety of expensive and luxurious items, while the tombs of commoners were usually much simpler.

This is a high quality miniature 3D printed by Speira Miniatures in Sweden.

You can paint it as any normal miniature, no need to wash it beforehand. It is delivered unpainted.

Usable for dioarama, wargaming or tabletop role-playing games, such as Dungeon and Dragons, Warhammer, Pathfinder and so on. Also great as decor in your home if you order the large scales. We can always transform any model into a bust if you like, please contact us.

Due to the inherit nature of 3D printing the miniatures might contain imperfections and could require additional cleanup where the support have been; use sand paper or green putty for example. Print layers will sometimes be visable.

3D resin is brittle, even if we use a mixture than makes it more flexible. However it cannot be compared with the normal plastic that is used for example Warhammer, Marx or Conte miniatures. Handle the 3D prints with care, a fall can break them. Glue info here.

1 review for Ancient Egyptian tomb items

  1. Joseph Dollard
    September 20, 2023
    Other metal figure makers make figures but nut tomb goods. These items are perfect. Just paint them and they will dress up those metals
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