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Ancient greek items and furniture

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The ancient Greeks were known for their beautiful and functional items and furniture, many of which continue to inspire designers and decorators today. From pottery to chairs, ancient Greek items and furniture were both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Here are some interesting facts about ancient Greek items and furniture:

  • Pottery was an important part of ancient Greek life, and many beautiful examples have been preserved. Greek pottery was often decorated with scenes from mythology or everyday life, and was used for everything from storage to drinking vessels.
  • Furniture in ancient Greece was simple and functional, and was often made of wood or other natural materials. Chairs were not common, and most people would sit on benches or stools.
  • The klismos chair is one of the most iconic pieces of ancient Greek furniture. It had a curved backrest and four legs that curved outwards, and was both comfortable and stylish.
  • The ancient Greeks were skilled metalworkers, and many beautiful examples of ancient Greek jewelry have been found. Gold and silver were popular materials, and jewelry often featured intricate designs and gemstones.
  • The chiton was a simple garment worn by both men and women in ancient Greece. It was a rectangular piece of fabric that was draped over the body and fastened at the shoulders with pins or brooches.
  • The kithara was a type of lyre that was popular in ancient Greece. It had seven strings and was often played by professional musicians and poets.
  • The kylix was a type of drinking vessel that was used for both wine and water. It had a shallow bowl and a stem, and was often decorated with scenes from mythology or everyday life.
  • The Greek key pattern is a common motif in ancient Greek art and design. It consists of a continuous line that twists and turns in a pattern that resembles a maze or labyrinth.
  • The ancient Greeks were known for their beautiful mosaics, which often featured intricate patterns and scenes from mythology or everyday life. Mosaics were used to decorate floors, walls, and other surfaces, and were made from small pieces of colored stone or glass called tesserae.
  • The amphora was a type of ancient Greek vase that was used for storing and transporting liquids. It had a narrow neck and a wide body, and was often decorated with scenes from mythology or everyday life.

This is a high quality miniature 3D printed by Speira Miniatures in Sweden.

You can paint it as any normal miniature, no need to wash it beforehand. It is delivered unpainted.

Usable for dioarama, wargaming or tabletop role-playing games, such as Dungeon and Dragons, Warhammer, Pathfinder and so on. Also great as decor in your home if you order the large scales. We can always transform any model into a bust if you like, please contact us.

Due to the inherit nature of 3D printing the miniatures might contain imperfections and could require additional cleanup where the support have been; use sand paper or green putty for example. Print layers will sometimes be visable.

3D resin is brittle, even if we use a mixture than makes it more flexible. However it cannot be compared with the normal plastic that is used for example Warhammer, Marx or Conte miniatures. Handle the 3D prints with care, a fall can break them. Glue info here.

1 review for Ancient greek items and furniture

  1. Chuck L. Goodwin
    May 11, 2023
    These pieces work well for Roman scenes also.
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